Niger meets Switzerland!

25 03 2009

13h30, GMT+1:
I made it off the African continent!  I’ve got about an hour before my mom, sister, and brother in law arrive so I’m going to jot down a few notes on the trip so far.  The trip from Niamey to Ouagadougou to Casablanca was fairly painless.  One of my carry on bags got stuck in the xray machine cracking some of my calabash art. Then there was a moment while we were stopped in Ouaga when I really needed to use the bathroom. The sassy Air Maroc people refused to allow it.  I got mildly aggravated and sought out a nicer member of the flight crew.

We actually arrived in Casablanca early! I had time to check out the very modern airport, check out a large selection of restaurants that had yet to open and send a few emails for free.  On each flight they served a nice breakfast.  Eggs, yogurt, fruit, quiche, bread, cheese, croissants, butter, jelly, potatoes, and apple juice.  I’ve yet to find any food in the airport that really grabs my eye.  For some reason I decided to get a coke, almost $5, ouch!

The developed world isn’t much different than the way I remember it.  Everything is incredibly clean and pleasant to the eye compared to Niger.  I can imagine that it would all be quite overwhelming for someone who had never left Africa.  Nearly every inch of wall from the arrival gate to customs is covered with massive advertisements, art, and neon lights.

I’ve been walking around everywhere wearing a large straw Woodabee hat that I picked up from a Nigerien friend of mine.  I’ve gotten lots of weird looks, several laughs and a few nice comments.  A security guy at the gate in Casablanca really liked it.

I’m sitting about 50 feet from the airport entrance and the cold weather waiting outside is slowly starting to get to me.  Right now just my toes and fingers are cold.

Once the rest of my family gets here we’ll head off to our apartment.  I don’t think there’s much on the agenda for today.  I’m just looking to hang out and maybe eat some cheese.  I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for a little snow. It looks like it could start falling at any moment!  




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